Many of London’s historic attractions claim they bring history to life, but few do it better–or with more dedication–than the Dennis Severs’ House. From the outside, it resembles any of the Georgian townhouses squished side by side along Folgate Street, but through the pitch black doors it’s an immersive family night experience like no other. Designed as a living diorama, your journey from the Georgian to Edwardian era is illuminated by candles as looped sound effects mingle with aromas of freshly-cut onions, crackling fires, and even dirty chamber pots. Hold your kids close as you enter the unlit basement, drawn toward the warmth of the light from the kitchen. Take note of the small details lining the table, the smells floating from the pantry, the fire crackling in the corner. These are the personal effects of the fictional Jervis family, Huguenot silk weavers whose light chatter and footsteps can be heard as you continue through the dark wooden corridors. Follow behind your children as you ascend to the Romantic era display on the first floor, where dull colors complement the lingering aroma of pipe tobacco emanating from the dusty wigs hung up on the chair backs. After heading up to the Dickensian room, avoiding the children’s toys and shoes scattered across the floor, head back down to once more plunge into the 21st Century. As the humble little house you just left gets lost once again among its twins along the block, think back to the house motto – you either see it, or you don’t.

Dennis Severs' House

18 Folgate St E1 6BX

44 20 7247 4013

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