Experience the Magic of Harry Potter on a Warner Bros. Studio Tour


Located a quick train or bus ride from central London, the Harry Potter Warner Bros. Studio Tour is the ultimate experience to take you from muggle to wizard. As you step into the studio, your imagination comes alive, and you’re whisked away into a magical sphere of witchcraft and wizardry.

On arrival, you’re welcomed through the famous Great Hall and encouraged to take some time to explore and discover all the hidden secrets of Harry Potter’s truly unique world.

You see where The Boy Who Lived slept in his early years in the cupboard under the stairs, take a walk along the incredible Diagon Alley to indulge in some window shopping at Ollivander’s wand shop or Flourish & Blotts bookshop, and peek inside some of Hogwart’s most famous classrooms and offices. You’re amazed when you visit Dumbledore’s office, poke into the Potions classroom, and see Harry Potter’s four-poster bed in the boys’ dormitory.

As you make your way through the studios, you’re blown away by the intricacy of the beautifully made artefacts that flood the tour at every point. From the handmade props to the small engraving on classroom pens that you only ever notice upon close inspection, no detail has been spared.

The Warner Bros tour will then take you outside, where you can order a Butterbeer and wander along Privet Drive to see where Harry Potter grew up.

Once back inside, you experience the magic of green-screen technology when you board your first broomstick and watch yourself fly above the Thames in London, through the English countryside and between the towers of Hogwarts castle.

At the end of your tour, don’t forget to pass through the shop to pick up all your photos and memorabilia, taking some of the magic home with you back into the muggle world.

The Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour truly is an experience for everyone, whether you’re a fan or not. Young or old, you’ll walk away completely mesmerised by the creativity, attention to detail, technology, and hard work that went into making this magical world come to life.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London

Studio Tour Drive Watford WD25 7LR

0845 084 0900

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