You’ve delighted your children with tales of Sherlock Holmes’ cunning intuition and imaginative crime solving. Now give them the perfect stage to imagine themselves as part of the adventure. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is dedicated to the famous fictional detective invented by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and any fan of the mystery series will be thrilled to visit the ever-famous 221B Baker Street, where Holmes took up his pipe at the end of each day. The dedicated Holmes aficionados who work here have delved through the novels and short stories and made sure that every doily and demitasse is in its proper place, bringing the gripping tales of to life. Take your child by the hand as you take a self-guided tour, carefully exploring the ornate ephemera littered around Mr. Holmes and Dr. Watson’s abode. If your kids have a favorite Holmes story, they’re in for a treat in the back room, where humble display cases house pistol-concealing books, dastardly trick knives, and all manner of letters and clues that figure into our hero’s various capers. Once you’ve unraveled a few mysteries, pop Holmes’ signature deerstalker cap onto your kid’s head and take a picture while posing as their trusty Watson. After a brief spin through the gift shop, you’ll see why the decision to come to this literary landmark is elementary.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

221B Baker St London England NW1 6XE

44 20 7224 3688

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