Buckingham Palace: Changing of the Guard


Once a day, the statuesque, red-jacketed, bearskin helmet-sporting guards protecting Buckingham Palace spring to life in a stunning display of royal pomp and pageantry. It’s perfect for your next family day in London, but arrive at the Buckingham forecourt early – around 10am should do for the official change at 11:30am – to ensure that your family has a suitable viewing spot for this daily display of military coordination. As the resounding drum beats and trumpet blasts travel up the mall, hoist your littlest one up on your shoulders for a better view. Scored entirely by military marches, a procession of soldiers marches in rigid regimentation into the forecourt. Watch as your kids stare wide-eyed at the cohesion of the units as they circle around one another, the drum major shining out in an outfit of embroidered gold thread and keeping time with a gleaming metal baton. When the change has occurred, the guards stream back through the gate after a rousing brass band chorus, allowing one final chance to snap some pictures with the kids. Just like that, the drums and horns fade away, quiet is restored, and the grenadiers snap back into place like toy soldiers whose wind up keys have gone still.

Buckingham Palace

London SW1A 1AA

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