The e-Commerce Explosion


With technology finding its way into every facet of our lives, it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s having an influence on shopping, too. These days, you can find whatever you want with the click of a mouse, and thanks to e-commerce, you don’t even need a bricks-and-mortar store to sell your goods anymore. That ethereal entity we call the Internet has not only made it easier for consumers to find what they’re looking for, but it’s brought down prices, too.

There are plenty of reasons you might want to use e-commerce: your distance from the mall, the thought of getting stuck in the notorious Istanbul traffic, picking up that item you weren’t quite sure about in the store, online discounts, buying from overseas, ordering food, selling unwanted goods, buying books, or even just having a little gift to yourself delivered hassle-free, straight to your door. As anyone with a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection knows, there are lots of interesting websites and apps around to help you shop, but with so many choices it can be hard to know where to start.

One of the most useful apps you could hope for while living in Istanbul is Uber, which lets you get in touch with affordable car services quickly and easily. Just enter your destination into the app and get a quick quote for your journey. You can even split the bill by inviting your friends on the same trip. The app can also be used to find regular taxis. Knowing that the drivers are all registered will give you peace of mind on your journey.

Like most people, you probably already use online sites to order delivery food, and there’s no doubt that Yemek Sepeti is leading the pack on that front. But there are some interesting alternatives that have just recently started cropping up. Take for example, where you can order a coffee straight to your door, as well as any little snacks you might like along with it. Another is, which is a revolution for those who are a little more careful about what they eat. In an age where you have to think twice about what’s being put in your food, brings fresh, organic groceries, dairy, and meat from the farms of Anatolia straight to your door. They even stock organic baby food!

There’s no shortage of ways to shop for other goods online either, but Bonvagon is ahead of the curve, both in terms of the selection of products it offers and in its understanding of what’s hip and trendy right now. From home decorations to personal accessories, health products to art, Bonvagon has a huge variety of goods for sale from all around the world. is perfect if you’re looking for that special gift, and what makes it really stand out is the fact it also lets you get involved in the design process yourself. You can upload your designs to the website, and even earn a commission when they sell.

How about trading shopping for becoming a virtual sales expert? The Lidyaworld app lets you open your own virtual store, chose the goods you want to sell, and pays you a commission when your products start flying off the shelves. Don’t worry about convincing people to buy your goods, as soon as you tell your friends what you’re up to, the money should come rolling in!

Another unique site creates a virtual antique and vintage marketplace. If you have a penchant for antiques, head to, and see if you agree with the valuations made by experts of the items on sale. There’s a huge range of antiques and art on the site, as well as vintage goods, and you can even sell your own antiques on there too. It’s worth the visit, even if you’re just looking.

Pinterest has also jumped on the e-commerce bandwagon. With the newly added “buy” button, you can purchase any item you like. The ingenuity of the next generation is already here, and it’s saving us time as well as money. How will you spend it?

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