The Best Spots for a Wedding Proposal in Berlin


There is one moment in the shared life of a couple that is more magical than almost any other: the wedding proposal. Every woman has almost certainly played it out in her mind at least once. Her Prince Charming comes charging towards her on a white steed, showering her with roses and falling on his knees before her. He clears his throat, produces a ring from behind his back, and asks for her hand. If, on the other hand, you prefer something a little less elaborate, you’re in luck. Berlin is home to a range of extraordinary places for popping the question, without a corny cliché in sight.

For a Public Proposal

It may seem a rather mainstream choice, but the Teufelsberg is simply magical. Although it has undoubtedly seen one or two proposals in its time, the dome of the Field Station at the Teufelsberg plateau is definitely less established as a proposal spot than the Empire State Building or the Eiffel Tower.

A less conventional setting is the Buddhist House in Frohnau. A place of assembly and meditation for Buddhists, this breathtaking haven on the northern outskirts of Berlin lends itself perfectly to a private moment between partners.

And if you’re looking to incorporate your wedding proposal in a more day-to-day activity, the Friedrichshain open-air cinema could be precisely what you’re looking for. This suggestion is, of course, best suited to the summer months when the cinema is up and running, but the park itself is worth a visit. The open-air theater in Friedrichshain Park is one of the best-loved in Berlin, for the atmosphere as much as its insightful program. Spruce up a spot behind the fixed rows of seats by spreading a picnic rug on the grass. Get there for the admission time to beat the crowds of filmgoers, and you’ll be able to fit in a proposal worthy of the big screen before the showing.

For a More Private Setting

Berlin has something for everyone. For nature fans, the city offers some spectacular landscapes where you can still escape the crowds. There are countless lakes, rivers, and waterways in and around Berlin, but if you’re looking for the ideal spot that won’t be overrun with tourists, Sacrower See Lake is almost deserted during the week. When you sit on the bench on the landing stage and look out across the water, you might as well be the only two people for miles around.

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