The Best Places for Kissing in Berlin


If you’re looking for a place where you can spend a relaxing afternoon or evening with your partner and share plenty of passionate kisses, Berlin has countless beautiful spots to choose from. So, where is the best place to go on a date, and which picturesque setting is perfect for kissing in Berlin away from prying eyes?

The Perfect Kiss on a Jetty on the Shore of Rummelsburg Bay

A kiss is a special, intimate act. Ideally, you want to be free from onlookers and create a romantic moment. Jump on a bike or catch a train from Ostkreuz Station. You quickly reach the shore of Rummelsburg Bay, where you can enjoy a view of the Stralau Peninsula. Although you might come across a few dog walkers and joggers, they are wrapped up in their own thoughts and uninterested in other people, so relax and enjoy an evening walk, taking in a spectacular sunset. Take a seat on one of the many jetties, let your feet dangle in the water, and surprise your sweetheart with a kiss. It would be difficult to find a more romantic and serene setting than this. There are more than enough spots along the river where you can hide from prying eyes and enjoy an evening as a head-over-heels-in-love couple.

Kissing in Berlin Under the Starlit Sky on Insulaner Hill

If you’d prefer to heighten the romance and want to arrange a special experience, take a look at the Wilhem-Foerster Observatory program and plan a trip to Insulaner Hill. Even the ascent to the planetarium presents several opportunities for secret kisses and, once you have arrived at the peak and learned a bit of theory, the heavens are waiting to be discovered. With a little luck, you will even be able to admire Venus from here. There are far more constellations to be seen than just the Big Dipper, so after your foray into astronomy, take a seat on a bench, take out the bottle of wine with two glasses (that you brought along for the occasion), and gaze at the dark starry sky with your partner.

Hide and Seek in the Palm House at the Botanic Garden

Daytime also presents plenty of opportunities for the perfect kiss, but don’t settle for a trip to your hotel’s nearest park. Get on the S-Bahn and make your way to the Botanic Garden. Stroll through the Italian garden or the arboretum before heading to the palm house conservatory to tease your partner in a game of hide and seek. There are clandestine moments to be shared behind the huge rose bushes and banana leaves, and, as you wander among the most beautiful plants, you’ll find there is plenty of time for kissing in Berlin.

The Photo Booth: Immortalize the Perfect Kiss

Even the very center of Berlin contains wonderful havens where you can enjoy each other’s company and still escape inquisitive gazes. Almost every area of the city is home to an angular, analog photo booth where loved-up couples can capture an eternal black-and-white version of the perfect kiss. For just €2, you can get a photo strip with four pictures and use them to tell entire stories or announce an engagement to friends and family. As you’d expect, the booths are particularly popular at weekends once the all-night celebrations in the balmy summer weather come to a close. At times like these a queue begins to form outside the booths, so it’s probably best not to wait too long after the four flashes before you leave the booth. And besides, it’s better to kiss outside while you wait for the strip of photos. Every so often you find a photo strip belonging to another couple in the tray. Perhaps they were so lost in their own world that the pictures completely slipped their mind.

Be Transported by Berlin’s Only Waterfall

If you were deciding between a city break and a holiday to an exotic island, then Berlin’s only waterfall in Viktoriapark is what you may be looking for. The water, which cascades down 24 meters, is, of course, the highlight of the park. It is otherwise beautifully adorned with rose arches and hidden benches. On hot summer days, you can dip your feet in the water and dream of future vacations with your partner between heartfelt kisses. Although the park is well-frequented, a loved-up couple can always find a quiet spot in the shade.

So, take a stroll to discover your own special places and create your own landmarks. Almost every park has a romantic spot waiting to be discovered by couples—so, why not share a few kisses outside the four walls of your hotel?

  • Planetarium am Insulaner - Wilhelm-Förster-Sternwarte

    Munsterdamm 90, 12169 Berlin

    030 7900930

  • Botanic garden

    Königin-Luise-Straße 6-8, 14195 Berlin

    030 83850100

  • Viktoriapark

    Kreuzbergstraße, 10965 Berlin

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