Sundown in Berlin: The Best Places for Starting the Night


Even though the city is renowned for its nightlife, sundown in Berlin rarely gets a mention. The city has a host of wonderful places where you can make the most of the early evening and experience the perfect sunset.

A Beach Bar Above the Rooftops

It’s hard to beat the glowing red sun sinking into the sea on a Caribbean beach, but the views from Berlin’s many rooftop bars aren’t all that bad either. Take Deck5, Berlin’s highest beach bar, overlooking the rooftops of Prenzlauer Berg. Bury your feet in the sand, listen to the laid-back lounge music, order a tall drink, and sit back on a comfy beach chair sheltered from the wind. It’s a perfect, romantic way to end the day and greet the night.

The Amano Rooftop Bar in Mitte is another spectacular base for admiring the TV tower, sparkling against the red evening sky, as you sip on a cocktail. Sometimes on summer evenings from the rooftop bar you can watch fireworks going off in the distance as darkness begins to fall.

If you find yourself in the south of the city, enjoy the lively atmosphere at the Klunkerkranich, a bar and roof garden perched on top of the Neukölln Arcaden.

An Evening Visit to the Spree

You can catch a particularly beautiful, and free, sundown show on the banks of the Spree River. When the weather is just right the river glimmers in the sunset and looks as if its donning a pink sequin gown. The best seats in the house are undoubtedly the Oberbaumbrücke and the Modersohnbrücke, which both link Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. The bridges offer a dreamlike view of the river and, of course, the TV tower, as the evening light seeps through and is reflected by the Molecule Man statue standing in the water between the bridges. On balmy evenings, you will come across a few photographers along with happy couples and young people who have come here to drink a beer or two. You can always count on a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

If you want to get even closer to the water, why not arrange an evening tour of the Spree and the picturesque Landwehr Canal through a company like Reederei Riedel. Every so often a buffet or special program is organized on the boat, but the true stars of these boat trips are invariably the sundown itself and the city lights reflected in the twilight waters.

On the Lookout for the Evening Stars

On clear summer evenings, the Wilhelm-Foerster Observatory offers an altogether different view of the evening sky. Take part in the observatory’s “Start in die Sommernacht” (“Into the Summer Night”) guided tour and witness sundown in Berlin from a different perspective. As dusk draws in, the moon and brightest planets take center stage waiting to be discovered through the powerful telescope—you’ll see Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

There’s nowhere quite like Tempelhofer Park for laying out your picnic blanket and watching the sun disappear behind the rows of houses on the horizon. Nowhere in Berlin does the early evening starlit sky appear to stretch so far and so wide. On a clear evening, as you notice the stars glinting above the runway, it occurs to you that a picnic spot like this could only exist in Berlin.

Before your visit to Berlin ends, check out the highest natural hill in Berlin. The national monument plateau in Viktoriapark, Kreuzberg is an incredible spot at both sunrise and sunset. You will never regret climbing up and down the hill under the dusk or dawn light, as you will always be rewarded with this exceptional panorama.

Lounges with a View

The Puro Sky Lounge in the Europa Center has a distinctly glamorous feel. At the weekend, you can celebrate all the way through to sunup, enjoying an extraordinary view of the lights of City West and the rest of Berlin. It’s best to make a reservation before you attend this exclusive bar, which is situated a good 100 meters above the streets below.

A recent addition to the Europa Center is the Kitchn Klub, where you can enjoy fine Italian cuisine against a spectacular backdrop. When the weather allows, food is served on the terrace, but even from inside the restaurant you get a fantastic view. Live music or DJs are often playing in the background. This is a new and trendy location in West Berlin!

Berlin has lots to offer by day and by night, but the moments between the two might be the most breathtaking. Take it all in, and enjoy these moments. Germany’s capital city appears at its most beautiful bathed in gold and pink!

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