The Best Spots for an Afternoon Nap in Berlin


You’ve been to an art gallery, a couple of museums, several bars and restaurants, and even a nightclub. It’s no wonder you need an afternoon nap! So, why not take your foot off the gas today and treat yourself to a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Put your itinerary and map to one side, switch off your phone, and get ready to relax. All you need now is a suitable location where you won’t be disturbed. Fortunately, there are still a few places where you can comfortably enjoy a quiet afternoon nap in the summer months.

Quiet Spots in Berlin

  1. The Insel der Jugend (Isle of Youth): An arched iron bridge, known as the Abteilbrücke, takes you from Treptower Park to the Isle of Youth, a true island of calm in the very heart of Berlin. If you’re looking to escape the hubbub of the city, you’ve come to the right place. Lie down on your blanket and drift off into a peaceful sleep.
  2. Charlottenburg Castle Grounds: We know, it seems an unlikely place to find some peace and quiet. After all, the former residence of Sophie Charlotte, is firmly on the tourist map. However, the castle grounds that lie behind the magnificent building are mostly deserted. Take a wander and find the perfect spot on the grass or by the lake and let yourself switch off. Even 20minutes rest will have a positive effect.
  3. Ernst-Thälmann Park: Another great spot is at Ernst-Thälmann Park outside the Zeiss-Großplanetarium, which lies between Prenzlauer Allee and Greifswalder Straße. Visit the park in spring to enjoy a cozy nap under the cherry trees while you dream of the stars in the planetarium, which, sadly, is all you can do until it reopens in 2016. A star show would have been another brilliant way to escape the tourist traps for a while.
  4. Charité Grounds: For another fail-safe destination, head to the green spaces found in some hospital grounds. The Charité University hospital buildings are surrounded by a number of beautiful lawns, and the gorgeously green courtyard of St. Hedwig hospital in Mitte contains flowers, stretches of grass, and benches where you can sit back and relax. Even though the bustle of hospital life is all around you, this spot is always pleasantly calm. Sweet dreams!

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