Street Food in Berlin: Indulgence and Lifestyle at Your Fingertips


Even though it’s still a relatively new phenomenon, you can find an abundance of street food in Berlin. You can try freshly prepared snacks from all over the world at markets, events, and food trucks, giving visitors and residents a taste for world cuisine.

A few years ago, this kind of mobile food vendor was mainly seen in Asia, where the streetscape is often dominated by little cookshops and snack vans. So, it’s no surprise that an area of Preußenpark known as Thaiwiese, or Thai Park, in the Wilmersdorf district, became the first true Berlin street food venue. For several years, Thai Berliners have been using this otherwise unremarkable green space as a meeting point, coming together every weekend to cook, picnic, play, and chat under the open sky, weather permitting. And the best part is that anyone can buy freshly prepared Thai dishes and explore new tastes as they make their way through the colorful selection of exotic delicacies. If you’re looking for Asian street food in Berlin, it’s hard to get more authentic than this.

Street Food Thursday, held once a week in Markthalle Neun in Kreuzberg, is probably Berlin’s largest and best-known street food market. It attracts hordes of locals and tourists alike, and rightly so. The assortment of delicious snacks from all over the world is unrivaled, even in a metropolis like Berlin, a place where every imaginable variety of world cuisine is on the menu. You can indulge in mouthwatering New Zealand pies, Chinese dumplings, Bavarian cheese spaetzle, Korean kimchi, Spanish tapas, and vegan cupcakes to your heart’s content.

Less well-known and still generally off the tourist radar is the Arminiusmarkthalle, a beautiful old covered market in Moabit. Like Martkhalle Neun, it also offers a fantastic range of freshly prepared finger-food treats, although the selection is slightly more limited here. The lively atmosphere more than makes up for it, and it’s one of those rare places where you can still find some of that old Berliner charm. What else would you expect from the former set of German TV series Drei Damen vom Grill? If you make your way here on a Saturday, bag a good spot at the huge wooden table under the magnificent chandeliers and palm trees, or make yourself at home on the straw-bale sofas and enjoy live piano music over brunch. It’s all very classy!

The Berlin Food Week is an annual event in September and October. It’s held in the power plant in Köpenicker Straße and it’s all about indulgence. You can find everything here, from street food to haute cuisine and from sweets to wine. There are amateur chefs, foodies, and industry experts all talking of little else. You can savor a host of scrumptious dishes (served on porcelain, of course, since this isn’t your average street food event), take part in workshops laid on by master chefs, or simply chat with other food fans. With its industrial charm, the old thermal power station promises a unique ambiance that outdoes any other culinary event.

The mobile kitchens trend has only just got going in Germany, but a lovely coffee table book was released this spring: Food Trucks – Kreative Küchen auf Rädern (Creative Kitchens on Wheels). On the very few days of the week when there are no street food events to attend, you can peruse the appetizing photos and let your mouth water, while you dream of the exceptional dishes.

Street food in Berlin is a different kind of meal on wheels. The food is delectable, imaginative, colorful, loud, cheerful, and cosmopolitan, and shows off Berlin at its best!

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