A Barista Workshop and a Tea Seminar: Immersive Gifts for Foodies


Are you looking for a special gift for the foodie in your life? Then take advantage of the continuing trend toward activities involving culinary treats. Apart from, perhaps, photos of cats, there is nothing on social media more likely to provoke storms of enthusiasm than a photo of a perfect cappuccino or a delicious meal. So on their next birthday, give your foodie loved one a really special pleasure with an unforgettable gourmet activity. Cooking and wine-tasting classes are great, but here a couple of fun, unexpected variations.

For fans of the coffee bean, how about a barista workshop at JOCaffè in Schmargendorf? Here, you don’t just get to roast and brew the beans for your own small coffee; anybody who is interested can go to seminars and workshops to brush up on their barista skills. A voucher for a workshop at JOCaffè is bound to be a hit, whether the recipient would like to learn more about the cultivation and taste of different types of coffee and savor them in a cozy atmosphere, or they want insight into the art of roasting and grinding.

For connoisseurs of tea leaves, there are special tea seminars at Paper and Tea.

At first sight, the combination of stationery and tea products at Paper and Tea might appear unusual, but you will soon be converted to the idea. Here, you can find some original gift ideas: it might be a beautifully packed tea with rose petals and matching greeting card or a voucher for one of the three-hour tea seminars that take place several times a month.

Participants learn about the history and background of various types of tea and the professional way of preparing them—and, of course, they get to train their taste buds and sip plenty of tea. The seminars take place in a special room adjoining the shop in Charlottenburg. Early reservation via their website is recommended.

With a bit of luck, it won’t be just the course participants who benefit from these gift ideas. When your foodie has successfully completed a cooking class, barista workshop, or tea seminar, you might get to enjoy the results of these newly acquired culinary skills yourself!


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