Connect with the Natural World at Tubagua Plantation Eco Village


Some people escape to the Caribbean to sun, shop, and splash, but you’re here to reconnect with nature. A staff member from Tubagua Plantation Eco Village is standing at the airport to greet you when you land in the Dominican Republic. As you enjoy the 20 minute ride through the city to the countryside, you leave the hustle and bustle and notice fewer and fewer bodegas and fruit vendors on the side of the road. The driver points to the resort a thousand feet up the hill through the windshield. The camouflaged Tubagua Plantation Eco Village blends right in with the lush, green, bountiful countryside. You arrive at the entrance and immediately feel refreshed by the breeze, the sound of the palms blowing, and the sweet scent of the bright tropical flowers.

The staff gives you a tour of the grounds. First, you arrive at the outdoor dining room. The thatched roof protects you from the hot Dominican sun, but the open-air building allows the mountain breeze to blow through the building and provides a gorgeous view out to the Atlantic Ocean. Then make your way down the stone path, past the lush gardens, to your hacienda. Enter your airy hut and take in the amazing valley views from your bedroom. Then venture into your bathroom. Appreciate the humor of the picture frame suspended in midair. Why do you need artwork when you have the view of this gorgeous scenery? Don’t worry because all the haciendas are built into the side of the hill to ensure that you have privacy during your stay—and there is a curtain you can pull over if it makes you feel more comfortable.

The staff informs you that all the structures at Tubagua Plantation Eco Village are made by local artisans with renewable materials. The resort works to bring people to the Dominican Republic and channels the revenue from tourism directly into the local community by stimulating jobs and opportunities in this rural area. If you’d like, you can eat delicious, authentic Dominican food right at the restaurant on site. After dinner, order a drink at the bar, take some time to read through the brochure, and choose a tour for the following day. Even though the resort isn’t directly on the beach, there are many adventures that you can experience close-by. Whether you’re interested in an old plantation tour, a trip to coffee country, an adventure on horseback, or a nature walk to observe the flora and fauna native to the Dominican Republic, the Tubagua Plantation Eco Village has something for everyone.

  • Tubagua Plantation Eco Village

    Km. 19 Luperon Highway, Tubagua, Puerto Plata, Puerto Plata, Ruta Panoramica Santiago - Puerto Plata, 57000, Dominican Republic


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