Top 3 Ways to Propose in the Dominican Republic


You’re ready to ask your special someone that all-important question. Your sweetheart is special, so the typical “popping the question over a nice dinner” technique isn’t going to cut it. The proper course of action is a destination proposal – preferably somewhere temperate and beautiful. Are you a guaranteed a “yes” if you propose in the Dominican Republic? Well, using the breathtaking beaches of Punta Cana as a backdrop certainly can’t hurt your chances.

Hear “Yes” from the Heights

Your engagement is something that you will always remember, and when your partner tells the story, you want it to be one that will leave people breathless when they hear it. For that, you need some professional help, so before you travel, contact Caribbean Wedding, an agency specializing in creative romantic experiences that will help you work out a game plan.

Keep everything a secret – don’t even tell them where you’re going – then on the day of the proposal, take your better half to the heliport of Farallon in Cap Cana and watch their face illuminate with surprise and delight when you climb aboard the helicopter. After a few turns, while you enjoy the beauty of the Dominican beaches from above, the helicopter drops a bit lower. Suddenly, from the window, you can spot huge, colorful letters made with pieces of fabric stretching across the beach. They read, simply, “Will you marry me?” Pop out the ring and (hopefully) hear a very enthusiastic “yes.”

Now get ready for the helicopter to return to Farallon, and then walk to a wonderful beach: A table is set for dinner at the seashore, with flowers and a bottle of Champagne. Time to celebrate.

Proposal between Stalactites

If your partner prefers quieter moments that include just the two of you, take advantage of the natural wonders the country offers, and plan your proposal in the Cave of Wonders, only one hour away from Punta Cana.

You enter the cave and descend ramps and stairs, hand in hand, until you find yourselves more than 80 feet underground. The place is stunning, with natural coral formations and stalactites. Walk over to the wall and tell your sweetheart to come look at the Taíno cave paintings. While they’re studying this ancient indigenous cave art, kneel down with the ring in your hand and propose.

For Adventurers

If your partner loves outdoor adventures, plan something romantic that will increase the adrenaline. Take a guided horseback excursion with HorsePlay Punta Cana, and ride through the countryside to see wonderful green landscapes.

After two hours of horseback riding, your guide will take you to a zip-lining point where you get harnessed up to the cables, and then you go gliding and soaring through the canopies. You’re already glad you’ve decided to propose in the Dominican Republic: Zooming among the trees together is a fantastic, unforgettable experience. After gliding from the first tree to the next one, when your heart is still pounding from excitement, be brave and pop the question – shout it from the tree tops.

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