Santo Domingo Souvenirs at Columbus Plaza: Treat Yourself


From one-of-a-kind artwork to the finest Dominican cigars, at Columbus Plaza, you’ll find the best souvenirs in Santo Domingo. Just for today, forget your friends and family and spoil yourself with some gifts to take home along with the memories of your visit.

Located just steps from Alcázar de Colón, this three-story department store is tucked slightly off the beaten path of the Zona Colonial marketplace, making for a much more relaxing shopping experience. As you make your way into the front entrance of Columbus Plaza, the first thing you notice is that it’s calm and quiet—no shouting or haggling of street vendors here. Instead, you find a bright, open building filled with tiny boutiques, each one lined with different treasures to be discovered.

Start on the first floor, where there are plenty of tempting treats. Whether you’re an aficionado or you just enjoy an occasional smoke, you don’t want to miss the ample selection of the finest Dominican cigars in the cigar boutique. Browse the neatly lined cigar boxes adorning the shelves and watch a cigar roller in action before you make your pick. Cigars aren’t the only decadent vice you can get your fill of at Columbus Plaza. Don’t forget to browse the fine selections of gourmet coffee, chocolates, and liquor. Treat yourself to a sampling of each to bring home, so that you can continue to enjoy the local flavors long after your vacation is over.

Next, make your way up the wide central staircase to the jewelry boutiques. Glass cases, brimming with golden amber and the tranquil blue of larimar, invite you to take a peek. Enjoy a large selection of the Caribbean’s most well-known precious stones—including the rare black coral—set in gold and silver pendants, beaded strands, and charming bracelets.

Last, but certainly not least, wind your way up to the third floor and browse through the vast collection of artwork and handmade Dominican crafts. Take your time looking through the shelves of ceramics and rows of canvases covered in bright colors and bold brushstrokes that evoke the traditions and culture of Santo Domingo. By the time you find the perfect piece for your mantel, your arms are tired from the weight of all the fabulous souvenirs. With everything crossed off your shopping list, the only thing left to do is hit one of the many surrounding bars or restaurants to refresh and celebrate a successful shopping excursion.

Columbus Plaza

204 Calle Arzobispo Meriño Santo Domingo Distrito Nacional 10210


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