Hix Island House: A Lofty Goal Just for You


In Vieques, Puerto Rico, you round another twisting curve and climb higher and higher up the lush, green hills. The ocean breeze caresses your face as the views become increasingly spectacular. A small, unimposing sign reads Hix Island House. Then, a short way down the road, you see it. The sharply angled buildings rise dramatically from the landscape. You feel an instant connection. The tension in your shoulders and neck unwind a notch. Your stress begins to melt away.

Hello, Nature, Goodbye, Stress

As you enter your 1000-square-foot loft at Hix Island House (there are 19 to choose from), you are treated to a unique blend of SoHo-like sensibility, sophistication, privacy and Zen-like simplicity. The giant shuttered windows are left open to offer views of the 13 acres of beautiful landscape. Vibrantly colorful modern art, Frette linens, hip furniture and your own hammock flow onto an open terrace, allowing refreshing trade winds to whip past you. The terraces jut out so far that they blur the line between you and the healing powers of nature.

A Feast for the Senses

Wake to the gentle sound of chickens clucking in the distance, or possibly the slow clip-clop of one of Vieques’ wild horses passing by. As you greet the day, smell the rich aroma of your own freshly ground coffee. Eat breakfast from your own fully stocked kitchen, with foods such as homemade bread, jam and tropical fruit replenished daily. Melt away more stress with a morning open-air yoga lesson. Follow it with a dip in the beautifully designed pool.

Back in your loft, let the sun warm your back as you enjoy your own private outdoor shower. Lull in your hammock and let the butterflies and geckos watch you watch them. Or, simply recline in your deck chair and let the sun work its magic.

Connect and Recharge

After a day of swimming or snorkeling in the clear warm waters of Vieques, your loft feels welcoming. As you retreat to your terrace, a chorus of tree frogs begin their evening serenade. As darkness descends, the night sky feels so close, you can reach out and touch the Milky Way. Light from the scented candles flickers on the walls. Perhaps you choose to end a perfect day by treating yourself to a massage from Ingrid Bergman (really), the best masseuse on the island.

50 Shades of Green

Hix Island House was eco-chic before there was eco-chic. It was green before green became the new black. While most of the units are partially solar powered, Casa Solaris is entirely off the electrical grid and completely self-sustaining.

Owner and architect John Hix offered Priceless-Caribbean a simple explanation for the consistently rave reviews Hix Island House receives from both travel experts and delighted guests: “Our guests feel at one with nature.”

Take a Tour Online

Hix Island House has a wonderful and enticing website filled with detailed photographs that allow you to select your loft with no surprises. You can also see the long list of the hotel’s accolades, including Fodor’s Gold Choice Award Winner for Best Design Hotel. Rates vary according to the loft and season. Considering the well-stocked kitchens, the rates are quite reasonable.

One Caveat

If you want to be pampered in a spa or order room service, this may not be the place for you. But if you want a powerful connection with nature and recharge your batteries, a stay at Hix Island House is an to experience you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Photo courtesy of Jon Hix

Hix Island House

HC 02 State Road 995 Vieques 00765

(787) 741-2302

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