Under a Blanket of Stars: Puerto Rico History in Old San Juan


There’s something truly magical and romantic about exploring Old San Juan at night. This is exactly why you and your partner decided to try something a little different when it came to choosing a city tour. On this balmy night, beneath a blanket of stars, you meet your guide and fellow travelers at the Plaza Colón statue for the Night Tales in Old San Juan walking tour.

As you’re led through the cobblestone streets of this well-preserved colonial city, it becomes clear your guide is well-versed in Puerto Rico history. The city’s everlasting character and past centuries come alive as you hear tales of military prowess, political intrigue and legends of pirates with stolen treasure, all the fascinating stories that helped shape this enduring city.

You and your group are given rare glimpses into luxurious gated courtyards of Old San Juan mansions, and enjoy exclusive after-hours access to some of the city’s most impressive historic sites. You walk along the 20-foot thick walls that still surround parts of the city, visit World Heritage sites and former Spanish soldiers’ barracks.

At the former penitentiary your partner pulls you in a bit closer as you learn the romantic, yet tragic tale of the executioner’s daughter and her love for one of the fiercest bandits of the 1750s. Then you come to the famous fortress El Morro, which while daunting in the daylight, is enchanting at night, all lit up inside. You’re glad you brought your camera and tripod along as your guide directs you in capturing the ancient citadel’s nighttime beauty.

You, your companion and a few others arrange for the follow-up food culture and rum-tasting tour. So after the walking tour, you accompany your guide to a lovely nearby restaurant. Seated at a table together, you learn the proper way to sniff and sample rum while listening to the fascinating Puerto Rico history of rum making. You begin to distinguish the differences between varieties, and you even taste liquors made by small local producers that you know you wouldn’t have found on your own. Waiters arrive with dishes of traditional Puerto Rican fare, and you each get to play bartender as you create a perfect Mojito to accompany your meal.

After dinner, and with a new bottle of your favorite rum tucked safely in your bag, you bid your fellow rum connoisseurs good night. Before heading back to your hotel, you and your partner stroll slowly for a few moments, taking in the colorful buildings, lively music and night sounds with a new appreciation for Puerto Rico history. You pause under a lamplight for a kiss, the warm glow you feel inside matching the warm tropical glow of the city at night.

Legends of Puerto Rico

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