Dance the Night Away at La Placita in San Juan


As the sky grows dark and the nightlife awakens, there’s no better place to be in San Juan than La Placita. Follow the crowd of locals streaming into the lively strip of bars and restaurants for a night of dancing, drinks, and authentic Puerto Rico nightlife you won’t soon forget.

The quiet marketplace selling food and wares by day transforms into a one-of-a-kind party by night. Arrive after 8 p.m. and follow the various sounds of live Puerto Rican music thrumming from every bar and restaurant along the street. With everything from salsa to hip-hop and reggaeton, you can take your pick of tunes to match your favorite dance moves. Select a sound you like, and follow your friends onto the crowded dance floor, packed with people moving and swaying to the beat. With so many options to choose from, just skip on over to the next bar when you feel the need to shake things up.

After you’ve worked up an appetite cutting a rug, grab some dinner at one of the many enticing restaurants along the row, such as Jose Enrique, for a taste of authentic Puerto Rican food with a flair. Much like La Placita itself, the simple, nondescript facade of the small restaurant gives no hint of the excitement that emerges by nightfall. The enticing scents of braised pork, mingling with spices and pops of tropical fruits welcome you into the cozy dining hall. All that dancing surely left you hungry, so start off with an appetizer plate of homemade pork sausage and traditional salty tostones. For the main course, you can’t go wrong with one of the fresh seafood specials, accompanied by rice, beans, and deliciously sweet plantains.

As the evening progresses, La Placita grows louder with the laughter and voices of happy locals packed along the street. Say hello and make friends as you soak in the joyous vibe of Puerto Rico nightlife. Slip into another cantina and grab a nightcap and a seat at one of the outdoor tables to do some people watching. You won’t want this night to end anytime soon, but luckily you’ll remember it long after the party ends and the sun rises again.

  • Jose Enrique

    Calle Duffaut 176 San Juan, Puerto Rico

    (787) 725

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