The Best Golf Courses in Jamaica


You chose Jamaica as your sport getaway because of the world-class golf courses, majestic ocean views, and top-notch resorts backing it all up. Playing a sport while intimately close to nature is one of the reasons you picked up golfing and why coming to this island was an easy decision for you. Now you’re here—the home of reggae music, colorful homes, and zesty cuisine—and you’re ready to play in paradise. Friendly faces welcome you to the beautiful island. With everyone smiling ear to ear, the energy becomes contagious. You catch your reflection in the lobby mirror and find yourself wearing a smile that’s wider than usual. That’s what Jamaica does to you, and who knows, maybe the positive island vibrations will improve your swing as well.

White Witch Golf Course

As you approach the Rose Hall Estate, you notice the property is nestled between the Caribbean Sea and the mountains, which means lush nature is all around you, allowing you to smell it, feel it, and almost taste it. The resort charms with Colonial Revival architecture, bright decor, and the delightful feel of a small town of which you’re the newest resident. The Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall is famous for serving food from many countries with amenities for young and old standing in front of a picture-perfect swimming lagoon. But you’ve come here to play at White Witch Golf Course, the 6,800 yard, par-71 jewel that many consider to be one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean. Carpet-like greens and fairways cover the course, and as you move from hole to hole, you enjoy various angles of an amazing ocean view. You realize it’s the most challenging course here, which only means you have a good reason to return tomorrow to try to master the witch.

Cinnamon Hill Golf Course

There’s a beach party going on when you check in, which tells you straight away that you picked the right resort. You reach the Cinnamon Hill Golf Course and find that the grounds are a good combination of mountainous and coastal, sharing a good portion of a peak with its neighbor White Witch. You’re assigned a helpful caddie who gives you great tips on how to adjust to ground conditions and you start to explore the course that stretches to 6,637 yards. You see how stone walls, a cemetery, and an ancient aqueduct adorn the sweeping terrain, and then you find the famous Majestic Blue, a par four 5th that turns into a par five when wind conditions change. Most of the other holes here have the ocean as a backdrop and that’s one of the reasons this course stands out—challenging grounds and spectacular views.

Half Moon Golf Course

Polished and timeless, Half Moon Golf Course makes a good impression on you. Half Moon is touted as the place to go in Jamaica to tune up to the more challenging Cinnamon Hill and White Witch golf courses nearby. It’s part of the famous triple play in Montego Bay, the less challenging course of the three that you can’t miss while on this island. Here at Half Moon, you play with ease on the undulating greens and extensive bunkering located in 7,119 yards originally designed by Robert Trent Jones and renovated by his protégé, Roger Rulewich. Though Half Moon is not a difficult course, you enjoy its two-loop figure-eight layout that makes some angles more demanding because of the trade winds hitting from different sides. It’s flatter and set on higher ground than the other two courses, so you decide to play here for a while before heading to Cinnamon Hill the next day.

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