The Perfect Romantic Destination Awaits at Harbour Island’s Rock House


You and your soul mate have finally arrived. You step into the elegant living room of Harbour Island’s Rock House—unique among the island’s luxury escapes—and feel immediately at home. That is, if your home were a stylish European villa in an incredibly romantic destination. You take in the Modigliani drawings and white porcelain English chandelier, while your sweetheart sinks into a deep club chair to flip through one of the art books on the table in front of it.

A friendly staff member introduces himself and takes you on a short tour. Differing from the island’s other luxury escapes, this boutique hotel has only 10 rooms, each uniquely decorated. You open the door to yours and the light fragrance of fresh orchids greets you. As passionate art aficionados, you chose the Citrus Room because of the original Picasso lithographs decorating the walls. While your sweetheart makes a beeline for them, you take in the beautiful garden view and sneak a peek at the shaded comfort inside your private cabana adjoining the room.

The two of you put on your swimsuits, ready for your first foray onto Pink Sands Beach. You grab the handy cooler from your room, and pick up your complimentary beach bag complete with chairs, towels, and water bottles. It’s a short walk to the famous powder-soft strip that runs the entire three-mile length of the island’s eastern shoreline. You’ve read about the beauty of Pink Sands Beach, but witnessing it in person is entirely different. Gazing over the clear waters flowing into the palest greens and blues against the nearly lavender Bahamian skies, you can’t hold back a sigh of pleasure. All those descriptions you read about this romantic destination may have sounded like clichés beforehand, but you now know they were absolutely true and that this is one of the best luxury escapes on the island.

Hours later, after a strenuous day of doing nothing at all, you pack up and head back to the hotel for dinner. After changing, you stop at the hotel’s Al Fresco Martini Bar for a pre-dinner drink. Owner Don Purdy himself mixes each of you his signature Goombay Smash, a delectable and dangerous combination of rums and fresh juices, and your new favorite drink. Then it’s on to dinner. Against the backdrop of a vivid Bahamian sunset, you savor delicious, fresh-caught lobster tail with drawn butter and sweet potato puree, while your sweetheart dines on Angus tenderloin in a delicate cognac and shallot cream sauce.

The two of you discuss the possibility of relenting on your commitment to do absolutely nothing on this getaway, and consider trying spearfishing, or possibly taking a snorkel tour among the intricate coral reefs of nearby Man Island. But for now, you’re both satisfied with simply being together in such a romantic destination, enjoying your escape from the frenetic pace of modern life.

Rock House

Bay Street Dunmore Town Harbour Island


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