Perfume Making in the Bahamas: Create a Customized Fragrance


For centuries, the flowers, lush fruit, and fragrant spices of the Bahamas have inspired popular perfumes across the globe. In Freeport, near the International Bazaar, Fragrance of the Bahamas operates The Perfume Factory. The company has been producing signature island scents for more than 40 years. Within this charming facility, a unique experience in the art of perfume making awaits. Here, you and your sweetheart can create your very own customized fragrance to commemorate your romantic Bahamian adventure.

Beneath swaying palm trees, climb the elegant steps of the pink and white Bahamian mansion with its inviting 19th-century design. When you step through the door, you feel as if you’ve entered a colonial drawing room as opposed to a factory. You’re greeted warmly by owner Chrisanne, and led on a short tour of the establishment.

Afterwards, you’re escorted to the mixology room and seated comfortably side-by-side in front of a table with 35 essential oils. Your mixologist helps you determine which scents inspire you most. Is it blooming Caribbean frangipani? Sensuous spice? Tangy citrus? Or perhaps rich, woodsy aromas? Within this relaxed environment, you’re given all the time you need to mix, remix, sample, and sniff each other’s pulse points, testing which oil combinations make your partner’s pulse race the most. You may decide to create individual fragrances that complement each other. Or you may decide upon a single heady blend that defines your love for one another.

Once you’ve selected your perfect scent, you go to the room next door. There, you each measure your personal oil combination into a flask where it’s blended with 190-proof alcohol to produce your custom fragrance. Choose a name, design your label, and decant it into a splash bottle or atomizer for spritzing. The Perfume Factory registers your name and recipe blend, so you can reorder your personalized fragrance online from their website whenever you like. Freshly anointed, you and your love leave with your “handmade in the Bahamas” personal creation. And forevermore, every whiff of that fragrance will evoke memories of your romantic tryst and exquisite experience in the fine art of perfume making in the Bahamas.

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