Enjoy This Nassau Self-Guided Tour


You’re in the gorgeous, serene Bahamas, enjoying the dreamlike climate and seaside scenery. You’re interested in the islands’ unique culture, history, and architecture, but you don’t want to be at the mercy of a tour group — you prefer to set your own pace. DIY, baby! A Nassau self-guided tour is all you really need.

You can start your day on Western Esplanade Beach, where you’ll join the locals for your favorite breakfast — an eyeful of turquoise waters and swaying palm trees, and a light coating of your favorite tanning oil. When you’ve had enough sun, put your flip-flops in your beach bag and throw on some comfy sneakers. Head up West Bay Street ’til you hit George Street. Take a right and follow the hauntingly beautiful organ music that beckons you toward Christ Church Cathedral, a massive stone structure that dominates the view. Walk inside to see a breathtaking stained-glass triptych behind the altar, bleeding with bold ruby and sapphire hues that illuminate the entire ancient building.

From here, turn back up George Street and take a right onto Bay. Go straight until a group of three official buildings, bathed in shocking tropical pink, emerge like a mirage on your right-hand side. This is Parliament Square, where a white marble likeness of a young Queen Victoria holds court from atop a stone pillar in front of the Senate Building. If you’re an architecture enthusiast, your eye will be drawn to the columns, which are characteristic of the Georgian style. Make sure to snap plenty of pictures of the candy-colored government buildings, and be on the lookout for friendly police offers — you know’ll them by their dapper, old-fashioned white uniforms topped with a matching pith helmet.

If you head back up Bank Lane a piece, you’ll run into the Cafe Matisse. Cool down in the shade of its courtyard garden, kick up your weary heels and order yourself some Rose Brut — it’s pink for the island sands and government buildings, and it contains some toastworthy sparkles. Raise a toast to — who? Yourself, of course, for a day well spent on a Nassau self-guided tour.

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