The Best Places for Paddleboarding in the Bahamas


If you are looking to maintain your active lifestyle while in paradise, head to the Bahamas and try your hand at paddleboarding. With its clear, calm waters and more than 700 islands, the Bahamas offers some of the best paddleboarding in the Caribbean. Head to the island of New Providence, where its easily accessible capital, Nassau, and plenty of options for tours ensures you can easily spend a whole week boarding in different environments around the island at various times of day to fully appreciate the island.

You hear night-glow paddle tours are offered by a company called Pappa Surf, so you rent a paddleboard at both sunrise and sunset to experience true tranquility. As the sun moves through the sky and you glide through the water, you feel the peace of nature all around you. Your awareness completely shifts as you rely on the feel of your paddle in the water rather than your sight to guide you through the dark.

Next, try a combination of a paddleboarding and snorkeling tour as you paddle through Goodman Bay. Stopping to take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, you catch a glimpse of stingrays, sea turtles, and colorful starfish. For something truly unique, try a paddleboard yoga class and experience the calming effect of yoga on a completely new level as you work in harmony with the ocean to achieve balance.

As a bird lover, you can’t miss boarding through the coastal wetland area of the Bonefish Pond Nature Reserve. You see dozens of species of birds flying from mangrove tree to mangrove tree and hear the myriad calls as you casually drift through the wetland. Looking down from your board into the tranquil water, you watch as young fish and crawfish move swiftly through the mangrove roots.

Exuma is a great area to celebrate your active lifestyle, so head to the mangroves in Moriah Harbour Cay National Park for stunning views of wildlife in the air and underwater. Look up and spot resident ospreys, terns, and nighthawks flying by, then look down at crabs, conch, snappers, and groupers swimming below.

For a final excitement on your boarding adventure, check out Exuma Kitesurfing. In addition to a standard tour and lesson, you also take a wave tour and experience the thrill of riding waves on your board. It’s no wonder why these islands are known for their great paddleboarding opportunities.

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