Take a High-Speed Powerboat Day Trip Adventure in the Bahamas


You know you’re in good hands as soon as you step aboard and meet your suntanned, smiling crew. Today’s adventure in the Bahamas is from Powerboat Adventures and is jam-packed with new experiences, sights, and sounds. Flying across the Caribbean Sea at high-speed is just one of the reasons this day trip is so exhilarating.

After a brief orientation and introduction, your captain casts off the dock lines and steams out into open sea. Within minutes, the jostling traffic and crowded markets of Nassau are far behind you. At 40 mph, the roar of the engine leaves you shouting to be heard, so instead, you sit back and bask in the warm sun and salty sea air.

The first stop is at a picture-perfect, deserted beach bordered by sea grape trees. Your feet sink into the powdery sand as you step ashore and before you’ve had time to absorb the tranquility, a rustling in the undergrowth alerts you. Suddenly, you’re surrounded with company. A dozen wrinkled, pre-historic-looking iguanas are watching you intently. Your guide deftly breaks twigs from the trees and demonstrates how to feed your new reptilian friends with a handful of grapes. With the iguana snacks distributed, you climb back aboard the boat to continue your adventure.

You’re skimming over aquamarine waters so clear you can make out individual rocks on the bottom. This time you’re bound for Ship Channel Cay, your private island for the rest of the day trip. While the crew busily carries supplies over to a ramshackle fisherman’s cottage, you explore the shoreline. As you gaze into the still water you spot several grey circular shadows moving towards the shore. Encouraged by the crew to wade in the waist-deep water, you marvel as the stingrays fearlessly approach you. Their silky smooth flippers brush over your legs repeatedly as they search for morsels of food. So gentle and slow-moving, it doesn’t take much to persuade you to try feeding them by hand.

And then, like a well-orchestrated show, the stingrays disperse as something else moves in. The sharks have arrived. Your guide points out the various species of nurse sharks, reef sharks, and lemon sharks. And as they make their way into the shallows, you stand back while a crew member gives a particularly docile shark a hug. You never knew sharks could be so tame.

The smell of barbecued meat distracts you from the spectacle. Lunch is ready! While you were busy meeting the wildlife, the crew prepared a feast of salads, fish, steaks, pasta, and tropical fruit platters. You feast hungrily and wash it all down with an ice-cold Bahamian beer.

After lunch, it’s time to get up close and personal with the marine life and go snorkeling. Not just any kind of snorkeling, though, this style is called drift snorkeling. With mask, snorkel, and underwater camera in place, you dive in, the water whisking you over barrel sponges and brain corals and past a school of bright blue and yellow fish. You barely need to kick, as the current does the work for you, giving you the sense of flying over Technicolor reefs.

Back on the island, one of the crew members is preparing a Bahamian conch salad. He picks up a beautiful, pink-lipped conch shell and skillfully makes a hole in the top to remove the meat. You learn how to skin, dice, and whip it into a salad with chopped onions and bell peppers. And then, of course, you eat. Mmm…It’s fresh, zesty, and delicious.

The sun is low in the sky by now, so it’s time to pack up your beach gear and climb aboard one last time. Your day trip is drawing to a close. The adventure is not over yet though––you still have a thrillingly fast ride back to base.

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