Retreat to the Garden of the Groves for Extraordinary Bird Watching


The minute you step foot in the Garden of the Groves, you take a deep breath and are at ease. You are welcomed into the garden by interpretive signs that inform you of the lush tropical landscape filled with many indigenous trees and flowers, such as tamarind trees, coconut trees, banana trees, and avocado plants. You wander the winding trails through the beautiful gardens and habitat certified by the U.S. Wildlife Federation.

You look up to the skies to begin your bird watching. This quiet atmosphere is the perfect place to spot species you hope to see while bird watching in the Bahamas. Your count begins with a red-tailed hawk that lost a wing after becoming tangled in a fishing line but found a refuge at the Garden of the Groves. You pull out your binoculars and gaze at a summer tanager, whose bright-red coloring stands out against the lush green canopy above it.

As you meander through the fern grove, you appreciate the shade provided by the massive limestone boulders that tower over the trail on both sides and the canopy of coconut trees above your head. The winding path leads you to tranquil lagoons, where a purple gallinule walks upon the lily pads in the water and enjoys the bugs hovering on the lagoon’s surface. You smell the deliciously sweet smell of the Frangipani, an indigenous flower of the Bahamas. The soothing sound of the water cascading off the waterfall into the lagoon instantly puts you at ease. However much you’d love to stay here forever, there is still much to explore in this 12-acre park.

All this bird watching would make anyone hungry, so stop at the garden’s cafe for a refreshing snack. Plenty of options are grown in the nearby gardens, whether you’re in the mood for coconuts, bananas, and guavas or mangoes, java plums, cherries, and pineapples. Choose a table on the patio outside, but stay out of the sun for a bit and cool off in the shade under an umbrella. Appreciate the gorgeous view of the garden and savor your snack while your kids play nearby on the cedar playset.

As the day comes to an end, reflect on the experience of extraordinary bird watching among the serene beauty of the Bahama’s natural world at Garden of the Groves.

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