Locals and Food in the Bahamas at the End of World


Ever wondered what it’s like at the end of the world? Pay a visit to Alice Town in Bimini and find out. At the End of the World Saloon, a long-standing hole in the wall, you can get a taste of island-fresh food in the Bahamas with a healthy helping of local flavor and history on the side.

The first thing to do when you finally reach the bar, seated at the end of the main road, is to order an ice cold drink. As you take your first refreshing sip of the Bahamas staple—light, sweet, golden locally brewed beer—you also drink in the bar itself. Recently renovated, but steeped in history, the small, sandy-floored shack has hosted many patrons (including Ernest Hemingway) who have left their marks on the place in the form of graffiti tags and sketches (and a few undergarments), which now adorn the walls.

This is no tourist trap, but rather a watering hole for the locals and well-read travelers, so pull up a seat and stay awhile. That cold beer pairs perfectly with a tasty bite. Seafood may be some of the most abundant food in the Bahamas, but at the End of the World Saloon, you find it served a little differently: on a pizza pie. The cheesy pizza topped with tender conch and lobster is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted—but then again, this place is not quite like anywhere you’ve ever been, so it’s a perfect fit.

Challenge your buds to a game of dominoes and listen to the locals recount old bar tales while reggae music bumps joyfully from a boom box in the background. As the sun slips slowly away, step out onto the open back patio that faces the harbor and catch a glimpse of the glittering ocean view and boat slips beyond, where Hemingway once docked. As the amber evening descends, you and your friends squint out into the waning light, looking for an old man in a little boat dragging an enormous fish.

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