Moomba Beach: A Romantic Tropical Oasis


Boardwalk Small Hotel Aruba lies nestled within a coconut grove across from Palm Beach and slightly north of renowned Moomba Beach. The two of you are tucked away in one of its 14 casitas, seated together on your private patio while gentle trade winds rustle the palms and lush flora around. You and your true love clink glasses over the champagne breakfast that was delivered to your door, toasting the morning and your first full day in this romantic tropical oasis.

You help yourself to a yogurt-and-granola parfait, along with fresh slices of pineapple and mango, while your love nibbles on a flaky pastry. The scuttle and hurry of daily life seems a million miles away as you both savor the tranquility of your tropical oasis. The two of you discuss your plans for the week. You agree to go kiteboarding and windsurfing tomorrow and book a sailing charter and go shopping the day after that. But today, you decide to take advantage of your complimentary membership to Moomba Beach.

On your way out, you stop to pet the hotel owners’ adorable dachshund Lola and pick up your snorkel gear and beach towels. A short 10-minute walk later, you’re on a stretch of luxurious white sand in front of Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant. You claim your lounge chairs and choose a spot close to the warm turquoise waters, offering plenty of Caribbean sunshine. After hours of snorkeling and working hard on your tan, you join in on a game of beach tennis with some locals. Then it’s a quick sprint and splash in the ocean, and you’re ready to pack it up and head back to the hotel for dinner.

While you’ve booked a private chef to prepare a romantic meal at your casita tomorrow night, tonight you’re going casual. You confess that you snuck out early that morning to pick up a few fresh catches at the dock and you secretly stowed them in your refrigerator before your partner awoke. You’re going to make dinner tonight. You swing by Ling & Son’s grocery store to grab some items to round out the meal, then cart everything back to your casita. The hotel owners kindly let you snip a few sprigs of fragrant herbs from the gardens to add to your seasonings. Your companion snoozes in the hammock while you grill up the dinner of succulent fresh grouper, shrimp, and fresh veggies right on your patio BBQ.

Afterwards, it’s back to Moomba Beach to watch the sunset. You nab a table right on the beach and the two of you celebrate the end of your day with a toast. Instead of champagne, however, you opt for Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant’s signature watermelon Mojito, a delicious concoction of fresh watermelon, mint, and white rum. Then you snuggle together in this tropical oasis to watch the brilliant fuchsias and oranges melt into each other as the sun slowly sinks into the Caribbean Sea.

  • Moomba Beach Bar & Restaurant

    J.E. Irausquin Blvd. 230, Aruba


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