Get Pampered at the Best Spas in Aruba


When your adventure in the Caribbean has you on a quest to find the best spas in Aruba, more often than not, you do not have to look much further than your own hotel. Many popular hotels in Aruba know just what you need during your holiday vacation and are equipped with world-class spa treatments ready to provide rejuvenation, seclusion, and even medical therapy. The following are just a few of the truly unique spa experiences worth seeking out.

Okeanos Spa

If seclusion is what you need when it comes to spa treatments, the Okeanos Spa at the Renaissance Aruba Resort is a must. With its own private island, the Okeanos Spa has built Spa Cove, an open-air spa that features a selection of massages and spa services as well as expansive facilities, hammocks, and access to the spa’s private beach. To continue the relaxation after the spa experience has ended, all you have to do is head out to your own private corner of the secluded island to be completely alone with nature. There’s nothing but you, the waves of the ocean, wind in your hair, and drink in your hand. Who can ask for more after a luxurious massage?

Clinical Massage by Florian

For those who seek a massage that is as much medical treatment as it is relaxing, a visit to the Clinical Massage by Florian at the Casa del Mar Resort is for you. Wellness expert Florian Gosset has spent years perfecting the medical techniques included in his sessions. With popular packages including myoskeletal alignment and other orthopedic massages, you leave feeling like you’ve never felt before as the relaxing environment and medically tailored packages get to work on the underlying problems as much as they are designed for instant relaxation. This is one experience you’ll remember (and feel) not only for the rest of your time in Aruba, but well until your next visit.

Spa del Sol

The beachside facility Spa del Sol at Manchebo Beach Resort and Spa is one of the best spas in Aruba to visit when you’re in the mood for body scrubs and wraps. With an herb and spice scrub from Bali that removes dead skin cells, a mud wrap straight from the Dead Sea in Israel to help with joint pain, and a volcano mud wrap from Colombia to help flush toxins and improve circulation, these spa treatments focus solely on rejuvenating your skin. The ambiance at Spa del Sol comes together with its location as the internationally styled treatments are applied right on the beach. Although you’re experiencing the world’s best body scrubs and wraps, the sounds of the ocean are never too far away, constantly reminding you of the Aruban paradise that surrounds you on all sides.

No matter what unique spa treatment you’re searching for during your vacation, odds are you won’t have to look much further than your own hotel to find some of the best spas in Aruba. When it comes to relaxing on a vacation, what could be better than that?

Okeanos Spa at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino

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