Windsurfing in Aruba: Where to Set Sail


Here’s a little-known fact: With the island’s shallow waters, light winds and gentle ocean currents, windsurfing in Aruba is a world-class activity. It is also home to the Hi-Winds World Challenge, the most popular water sport tournament in the Caribbean, which attracts international competitors every July.

But Aruba isn’t just for windsurfing experts. Its year-round temperature of 80 degrees, sunny skies and white-powder beaches make the island an ideal location for novices to learn how to windsurf.

And the island’s water sport specialists would love to help you get started. To find them, head to the stretch of beach on the west coast at Fisherman’s Huts — also referred to as “the Huts” or “Hadicurari” by the locals — where you can sign up for beginner lessons, rent equipment or practice on your own. No matter your age, windsurfing is a fun and safe activity that can be learned in the relaxed atmosphere of this island paradise.

The following are professional, highly praised operators who will get you well on your way to surfing the seas:

Vela Windsurf Resorts

Located at the north end of the Marriott Resort, this premier school boasts one of the newest and largest collections of windsurf equipment in the Caribbean. Its highly trained and experienced instructors offer one-hour beginner lessons, as well as two-hour sessions (with a one-hour group lesson plus one hour of practice). When you return to shore, find a spot and unwind in the shade on the sandy beach.

Aruba Active Vacations

This operator, situated on the north end of the beach, is led by a team of friendly, qualified professionals. Two-hour beginner sessions are offered — with a one-hour lesson plus one hour of practice — either as a group or a private lesson. After an afternoon of riding the currents, take a freshwater shower, then sit back and relax with a cold drink.

Aruba Sailboard Vacations

Adjacent to Aruba Beach Villas, the clinics here offer the largest and finest selection of boards and sails in the Caribbean. This full-day schedule includes both lectures and on-water instruction in small groups to ensure you have a solid grasp of the fundamentals.

Learn windsurfing in Aruba and find out why this Caribbean island is a top destination for this water sport. You’ll learn how to sail the seas with confidence in no time!

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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