Heli Tours of Aruba Takes You on the Ride of Your Life


Sure, Aruba is a gorgeous island with crystal-clear Caribbean waters, amazing beaches, and pure white sand that sifts through your fingers – but there’s a lot more to it than that. Instead of simply sailing through the surf, try sailing among the clouds. Aruba Heli Tours makes it extremely easy to do, taking you up for a panoramic perspective that leaves you breathless.

Head to the helipad in downtown Oranjestad, just behind the Seaport Casino. Now it’s time for you to make a tough decision. Will you fly high in the sky for a 15-minute ride on the Beach Safari Tour, or go for 30 minutes to see the entire island?

You decide to go for the 15. Now you hop aboard the luxurious Robinson R-44 helicopter, fasten your belt in the plush leather seat, and put on your headset – so you can talk to your expert pilot, just like in the movies. The rotor blades start whirling as the chopper slowly rises, and you experience your first thrill of flying. Almost like gliding through the air, your helicopter Beach Safari tour provides an overall view of Aruba and its beautiful beaches, resplendent with luxury hotels and resorts, as well as famous historical sites. You’ll hear the pilot’s voice pointing out landmarks and telling you about the sites as you glide overhead, but you’re distracted by the golfers you can see on the green far below. They look so small!

On the 30-minute Island Safari Tour, you’ll see the same gorgeous vistas with more time to take in the view and snap pictures to show your jealous friends. You’ll ooh and aah over the Aruba Natural Bridge, the exquisite sand dunes, rock formations, Renaissance Island, and the downtown area. The best part of your aerial view with Aruba Heli Tours is seeing where you want to go visit once you’re back on solid ground.

All too quickly, your heli tour is coming to an end. The copter slowly heads back to the helipad and sets down, as gently as putting a baby in a cradle. Your first thought once you’re back on planet earth: “When can I go back up again?”

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