The Dutch Pancake House Offers Aruba’s Best Breakfast Menu


Dutch flavor oozes throughout Aruba’s architecture, culture, and even its breakfast menus. If you’ve ever eaten Dutch pancakes, you might think that the 80-year war between Spain and Holland for control of Aruba just might have been for the recipe. The Dutch Pancake House in Oranjestad’s Renaissance Marketplace takes the basic ingredients of flour, milk, salt, and eggs, and then adds what must be magic to create incredibly mouthwatering delights that have earned it Aruba’s first “Best Breakfast in Aruba” award.

You order the Blue Berry Hill pannekoeken (pancakes), imagining something akin to American blueberry pancakes. Nope. Your pannekoeken is thin, covered with fresh blueberries, sprinkled with powdered sugar, and then topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Your companion tries the daytime version of last night’s indulgence, the Caribbean Banana pannekoeken. With every bite, there’s a hint of piña colada plus fresh sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream, and powdered sugar.

At the next table, a little guy is doing his best to clean his plate of poffertjes, Dutch silver-dollar pancakes. He has the small order of 14 pieces of the puffy morsels served with powdered sugar and butter. From the telltale signs on his face, he has chosen a chocolate sauce topping with whipped cream. You’ve already decided to come back tomorrow, but what will you try? A sweet pancake with strawberry jam? Something more traditional, with apple and bacon? Maybe Shawn’s Sweet Special, a plate-sized pancake covered with caramelized walnuts, banana, honey, and powdered sugar.

If you’re a traditionalist when it comes to breakfast, and prefer bacon, eggs, and toast, you must try uitsmijter. It’s all you’re used to, but with a better presentation of fried eggs on bread with ham and cheese. Of course, you can order your eggs scrambled with bacon, sausage, or toast, too. The Dutch Pancake House also serves a wide array of not-so-sweet pancakes that might remind you of a pizza when you see them. Get one topped with bacon and cheese, bacon and onions, or all three toppings. There are so many combinations that you get the best of all worlds: the shape of a pizza, the ingredients of an omelet, and a flavor punch that’s actually in a world of its own. Regardless of the breakfast you choose, you can feel good knowing that everything The Dutch Pancake House serves is homemade and baked with fresh, local ingredients. You can also have breakfast for dinner as the restaurant is open all day, every day!

The Dutch Pancake House

9 L.G. Smith Boulevard Oranjestad

297- 583-7180

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