Beachfront Dining and Sunset in Aruba: An Intoxicating Blend


Hand in hand, the two of you stroll barefoot along Surfside Beach in Aruba. You arrive at elegant Barefoot restaurant for your beachfront dining experience right on time. Still barefoot, and feeling decidedly decadent, you’re led to the intimate table for two you reserved right on the beach. Once seated, you snuggle together as the sun dips a little lower, warming the sky and deepening the turquoise of the ocean. You sink the toes of one foot into the silky, white sand beneath your table, while your other foot slides playfully along that of your tablemate, evoking a giggle.

Your waiter appears to take your drink orders. Your partner chooses the fizzy flirtini, and you decide upon the Barefoot Delight, a medley of rum, peach schnapps, pineapple juice, and blue curacao. You raise your glasses in a toast, but there’s no need for words. The sunset does the talking as it melts deeper into the horizon and fills the sky with intoxicating hues.

With delicious seafood and Dutch-Caribbean fusions to choose from, you start with the exquisite lobster cappuccino topped with vanilla froth, and a plate of crispy shrimp croquettes. For your entrée? You decide to share the appropriately named Romance of the Sea, a mouthwatering combination of fresh grouper, snapper and mahimahi served in a lemon-garlic sauce.

As sultry ocean breezes rustle the palms overhead, you trade forkfuls, laughing and whispering softly together, your conversation hidden from other diners beneath the susurrus of the waves that caress the shore. Later, as you watch the twilight sky shift from rich ocher to deep violet, your dessert arrives. In keeping with the night’s romantic theme, you’ve opted for the grand dessert, a selection of sweets to share, personally selected by Chef Gerco.

There’s no need to rush and so you linger, hands clasped, soaking up this relaxed, tropical ambiance. Before you know it, the first stars have begun to shine. And you realize that under this beautiful Aruban sky, your sunset beachfront dining experience has been transformed into a magical night beneath the stars.


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