2 Fools and a Bull: One of the Finest Aruba Restaurants


While searching through various Aruba restaurants, you come across 2 Fools and a Bull, a small restaurant that identifies as a gourmet studio, and your search immediately ceases. You found just what you were looking for, and you make your reservation a whole month ahead of time to ensure you’ll have a seat.

Upon the night of your reservation, you’re greeted at the door promptly at 7:00 p.m. and enter the historic farmhouse built in 1915. You’re amazed by how well the house has been preserved. The minute you walk in the door, you’re hit with the tempting, delicious smell of the first course. Impressed by the open layout and the quaint feel, you notice the 13 seats arranged in a U-shape to face the kitchen. You take a peek at the meat that’s slowly roasting in the rotisserie and chat with the other guests who’ve also found their way to this Aruba restaurant and will be joining you for your “foolish” dinner party.

Once you sit down, the chef announces the theme for the night and gives you a preview of the menu for the evening. You appreciate being a part of the buzz in the kitchen as the chefs prepare the meal right before your eyes. You have an intimate conversation with your dinner company because of the pleasantly small crowd in the restaurant. You learn of the many local ingredients used to ensure the meal is as fresh and healthy as possible. You involuntarily smile as your five-course meal commences, realizing this is a unique culinary experience that will leave a lasting impression on you. You appreciate the well-plated first course that provides the perfect quantity of locally harvested yucca and fresh greens. You didn’t know that a root vegetable could have such delicious flavor.

You’ve learned the menu changes daily at 2 Fools and a Bull, so the chef himself presents each individual dish, explains his inspiration and influences for the meal, and discusses how all the flavors come together. As you sit and enjoy your first course, you realize that 2 Fools and a Bull feels more like a small dinner party than an informal restaurant setting. You get to know your company even better throughout the course of the meal.

You can’t wait to try the main chicken dish because you have been mesmerized, watching it turn in the rotisserie throughout the meal. You can’t believe how moist and delicious the flavor is and wish that you could find succulent chicken like this at home. After the main course, you walk outside to the courtyard and find a seat on a comfy sofa to embrace the mild Aruba evening. You sip the rest of your wine that was selectively paired with your meal and look forward to dessert. After a relaxing break on the patio you make your way back into the dining room for the final dessert course, grateful for the delicious meal at one of the finest Aruba restaurants.

2 Fools and a Bull

3 17 Noord Aruba


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