Casa Loma: Secret Passageways


Whether you and your partner are certified history buffs or just curious to see how the 1% of a century ago spent their money, Casa Loma is the ideal location for your next day date. Built in the early 1900s by prominent financier Sir Henry Pellatt, the 98-room mansion–the largest home in Canada at the time–is the product of three years and $3.5 million worth of work, only to be vacated less than a decade after its completion. While some locals say it’s haunted–and many of the austere chambers may feel that way as you walk through–most are simply in awe of the unthinkable opulence that the mansion houses, bringing to mind something out of The Great Gatsby. The castle provides plenty of photo ops, and the audio tour included with admission will help you to understand the historical significance and even uncover the secret passageways and underground tunnels lurking beneath the floorboards. Pack a picnic to round out the day with some sunshine and romance in the castle’s manicured gardens. Be sure to have a toast to the beautiful site, and the fact that you’re not stuck with the property taxes.

Casa Loma

1 Austin Terrace Toronto ON M5R 1X8

(416) 923-1171

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