Scaddabush: A Little of This, a Little of That


Date night has arrived, and you’re frantically searching for restaurant ideas to impress your significant other. Nothing stuffy or too formal; you want a place to talk and laugh together. And the food, of course, must be to die for. Stumble upon Scaddabush, and you can stop worrying.

Practice your “ciaos” before meeting up with your sweetheart in front of this popular Italian kitchen and bar in downtown Toronto. Inside, as you get comfortable in mismatched chairs on opposite sides of a rustic wooden table, survey the sky-high ceilings and exposed brick walls lined with mirrors and art. The chic, modern elegance is eye-catching, but the cozy intimacy at the table puts you at ease as you sip red wine and decide what to order.

At Scaddabush, whose name comes from Italian slang for “a little of this, a little of that,” executive chef Steve Silvestro takes a modern approach to authentic Italian cuisine, combining fresh ingredients and old-world recipes with a few unique twists. Everything out of his kitchen is delightful, but for a casual date, it’s hard to go wrong with pizza. The Roman/Napolitan pies are among the most popular items on the menu, and for good reason: they’re spectacular. Living up to its powerful name, the thin-crust Atomica gets a kick from spicy soppressata, red onion, and pepperoni, while the Americano–a nod to the neighbors down south–is enlivened by a generous sprinkle of wild Italian oregano and secret Scaddabush spice (don’t ask). As these steaming pies are delivered to your table, you catch each others’ expressions and grin, wordlessly agreeing that you’ll be sharing everything tonight.

After you’ve devoured your pizza and finished your wine, there’s no need to cut the night short. Migrate to Scaddabush’s romantic rounded bar and choose from a creative list of cocktails to pair with the all-but-mandatory tiramisu (the Bubbles & Strawberries martini is a dessert in itself). As you clink glasses and lean closer to each other, you’ll know that you’ve just found your new go-to spot for a relaxing evening together.

Photo: Thor

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382 Yonge St Toronto ON M5B

(416) 597-8838

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