Whether you dine with your eyes open or closed, the view remains the same at O.NOIR, and that’s what makes it such an exciting twist on date night in Toronto. There are no lights at all during dinner service at this exciting restaurant, but the pitch-black surroundings heighten every other sense as your vision becomes obsolete. Thanks to the unique setting, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, considering there’s an good chance that you’ll spill something down the front of your shirt anyways. While the unusual atmosphere might not be an ideal destination for a first date, it’s a great way to reconnect with a significant other you’ve been with for a while and see them in a new light, so to speak. With two dinner services every evening, the courses are spread out strategically by visually-impaired servers, allowing ample time for you and your sweetheart to sample and converse. Menu offerings include grilled octopus, filet mignon, and vegetable stir fry, in addition to a few surprise dishes that make this even more of a culinary adventure. The cuisine is excellent, and it had better be, since you’ll find yourself noticing flavors, aromas, and textures you’d miss if you were in a traditional restaurant. When the meal’s over, you’ll have an increased appreciation for those who go about their days without the sense of sight–and of each other for sharing the experience.


620 Church St Toronto ON M4Y 2G2

(416) 922-6647

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