Nazareth Restaurant: Ethiopian Spice


Take your sweetheart on a culinary adventure without leaving Toronto with a visit to Nazareth Restaurant. This Dufferin Grove eatery specializes in Ethiopian food, and if you’ve never tasted it before, you’re in for a treat. Flavorful vegetables, spicy meat dishes, and amazing stews make up the menu, representing the bounty of this fascinating land.

Step into the cozy dining room and take a table amid the hanging plants and portraits of Ethiopian heroes. There’s a full bar, so share a bottle of wine or a couple of cocktails as you prepare for a serious feast. You’re here for something different, so challenge each other’s adventurous culinary spirits and start with the vegetarian sampler plate, an assortment of slow-cooked lentils, fresh split peas, and a savory stew made of cabbage, potato, carrot, and spices hotter than an Ethiopian summer.

Then move on to a plate of mouthwatering beef ribs, which come sizzling in a tangy garlic sauce. They’re so tender and flavorful it’s impossible to eat just one. As you sample this and that, do as the Ethiopians do and scoop up your food with a delicious piece of injera, a spongey, flat sourdough that’s perfect for soaking up stews and sauces. Your dipping technique might be sloppy at first, but there’s plenty of food, and practice makes perfect.

The owners have kept their menu blissfully short, so you’re never overwhelmed with choices. This way, you can spend more time getting closer to your date and sharing the best bites. The prices are just as good as the flavors, too — both of you can eat for less than it costs to see a movie.

Nazareth is catching on with Toronto foodies, so instead of opting for the dinner rush at 7 p.m., use the wait as an excuse to take a romantic stroll down the street arm in arm. Once you arrive, a delicious plate of food and the perfect place to spend time with your significant other will be your reward.

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Nazareth Restaurant

969 Bloor Street West Toronto ON M6H 1L6

(416) 535-0797

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