You’ve had another great night out on the town with your sweetheart, and it’s almost time to go home. For the evening to be complete, however, it needs one last thing: a big, sweet slice of chocolate cake. A shrink-wrapped convenience-store treat’s not going to cut it, so swing by 7 West on your way home, an intimate 24-hour café that specializes in satisfying couples’ sweet cravings at all hours. Guide your date into this welcoming three-story restaurant and peruse the menu. Right there under the “Bit of Bliss” heading you’ll find no fewer than three types of chocolate cake: Belgian dark chocolate (with a European flair), chocolate banana cake (so you can tell yourself you’ve had fruit for dessert), and double chocolate fudge cake (because it’s late and you’re not messing around). Ask for two forks and try to leave the last bite for your better half. If it’s all gone before either of you realize it, a slice of the ultra-decadent dulce de leche cheesecake will quell all dessert cravings for rest of the night. Of course, 7 West has a full menu including breakfast and dinner options available around the clock, but you came here for one thing, and you got it. Now it’s time to drift off to sleep and dream of chocolate.

7 West Cafe

7 Charles St W Toronto ON M4Y 1R4

(416) 928-9041

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