Royal Ontario Museum: History as Art


The Royal Ontario Museum is a place where past meets future, where once-great civilizations and long-extinct species collide within the walls of an avant-garde glass-and-aluminum palace. It’s also an ideal destination for a daytime date with your sweetheart, where you can enrich your minds—and relationship—by learning together. Much like the Louvre, this world-class museum is simply too big to properly see everything in one visit, so discuss your priorities and be prepared to compromise. If one of you is dying to see the beautiful gowns in the Patricia Harris Gallery of Textiles and Costume, it’s only fair that the other gets to check out the Bat Cave—a home to real live bats, not a shrine to the caped crusader. Once you’ve gotten your personal choices out of the way, head to the Schad Gallery of Biodiversity to meet “Bull,” a southern white rhino, or the Eaton Gallery of Rome, where emperors and gladiators still inspire awe. You’ll run out of time long before you run out of things to see, so make plans before you leave to attend the museum’s next ROM Friday Night Live, a lively museum party featuring eats, drinks, dancing, and handsomely discounted tickets. Your love connection will soon become an intellectual connection, bringing you closer than ever before.

Royal Ontario Museum

100 Queens Park Toronto ON M5S 2C6

(416) 586-8000

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