Four Casual First Date Ideas in Toronto


No matter how well-versed you are in the world of romance, planning a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience. If you want to take your newest love interest out on a date in the vibrant city of Toronto, consider some of these casual first-date spots, where romance and fun go hand in hand.

Toronto Zoo

If you’re feeling shy, meet up at the Toronto Zoo for a low-pressure date where the animals can do most of the entertaining. Feel your nerves thaw as you stroll down the grassy paths and observe penguins, elephants, panda bears, and tigers. You won’t be able to help but share a laugh at these animals’ antics, and your “worldwide” travels around the zoo from Eurasia and the African Rain Forest to the Malayan Woods will only bring you closer. [See Toronto Zoo: A Global Safari]

Allan Gardens

What could be more romantic than going for a walk surrounded by colorful flowers and plants? Allan Gardens is home to six unique glass-domed greenhouses loaded with exotic plants such as bamboo and breathtakingly beautiful flowers. Take the leap into the unknown and lace your fingers with your date’s while you explore this famous observatory together.

Canada’s Wonderland

For a different kind of heart-pounding adrenaline rush than the one you felt when you knocked on your date’s door, head to Canada’s Wonderland, a famous Toronto amusement park. You will have no shortage of laughter here. Dare each other to ride the only flying roller coaster in the country, or see the city from 230 feet in the air on the Drop Tower for a second or two before you hurdle back toward the ground. Chat away while you wait in long ride lineups, get cozy while you rocket down the steep tracks, and share a stick of fluffy cotton candy.

Toronto’s Harbor

At the end of a fun-filled day, drop by Toronto’s harbor, the perfect place to spark a romance if you’re on your first date. Stroll along the pier and waterfront and engage in a heartfelt conversation as the sunset casts its glow on the rippling water. And, the moment the sun disappears behind the skyline behind you, take that chance and lean in for that famous first kiss.

Photograph by Alvesgaspar

Toronto Zoo

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