Float Toronto: An Out-of-Body Experience


Here’s a new idea for your next date night: Meet up at Float Toronto and de-stress together in sensory deprivation tanks. You’ll each get your own tank during the actual float, but afterward you can walk out together and be the most chilled-out duo in all of Toronto.

Here’s how it works: You slip into pod of warm salt water, shut the door, and melt into the quiet, dark space. You’ll have earplugs in, and it’s so dark you won’t be able to tell if your eyes are open or shut. It’s a shallow pool filled with Epsom salt that keeps your body effortlessly bobbing on the surface. As you lie in the water, notice how your muscles become more slack with each breath. By the time your session is done, any anxiety you came in with will have washed away. Float Toronto says the experience can offer pain relief, and it fosters a meditative mindset and even bursts of creativity.

The whole idea might sound a little odd at first, but Float Toronto makes you instantly comfortable with spa-style rooms that include a pebble-floor private shower, soft blue light, and woodwind music. When your float is finished, the fluffy cotton bathrobe and organic skin-care bar help cushion your reluctant return back into the world.

Meet up with your date in the post-float room and discuss the effects while sipping herbal tea. It’s the perfect chance to connect before heading out for dinner. To coast on this healthy-living kick awhile longer, head across the street to Nuit Social for a hearty, yet healthy, meal of black kale quinoa salad and a glass of robust red wine. You’ll be amazed at how fresh your skin feels – the glow radiates from inside and lights up your eyes. Sharing your meditative journey will definitely give you something to talk about.

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Float Toronto

1159 Queen Street West Toronto ON M6J 1J6

(416) 803-0935

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