After a fun night out on the town with your sweetheart, there’s nothing like indulging in a relaxed brunch together the next morning. It’s an opportunity to relive the highlights of the evening while finding inspiration to plan the rest of your weekend. It’s also blissfully laidback. While last night saw you and your honey in high heels and crisp, button-down shirts, this morning is all about yoga pants, comfy sweaters, and baseball caps to cover up the bed-head. That’s just perfect for a trip to Dr. Generosity, a beloved Bloor Street diner where brunch is always a decadent affair, catering to the sweet and savory cravings that make breakfast the greatest meal of the day. Sip hot coffee together as you ponder the morning’s toughest decision: what to order. Care to put a spin on eggs benedict with an order of eggs Dostoyefsky, which substitute smoked salmon for the classic’s bacon? Or would you prefer cinnamon French toast on challah bread, grilled to a sweet golden brown and served with natural maple syrup? It’s essentially an excuse to eat dessert first thing in the morning, but nobody’s complaining. Dr. Generosity’s satisfying food, friendly service, and cozy atmosphere combine to set you up for a perfect afternoon, whether it involves an outdoor adventure, or a nap with someone who understands your need to do absolutely nothing for a day.

Dr. Generosity

2197 Bloor St W Toronto ON M6S 1N2

(416) 604-0704

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