Bad Dog Comedy Theatre: Perfect for a Second Date


You’ve had a successful first date at a fancy new restaurant in Toronto and learned almost everything there is to know about your new special someone. Yet there is one very important question of compatibility the two of you haven’t yet explored: do you share a sense of humour? To find out, indulge in an evening of laughs and libations with an improv show at Bad Dog Comedy Theatre. This popular theatre offers shows throughout the week, and there’s no better place to discover whether your budding relationship is funny ha ha, or funny uh oh

There’s nothing more painful than bad improv, but you’re safe here. This is home base for some of Canada’s best young improvisers. If you’ve ever seen an improv show (or Who’s Line Is It, Anyway?) then you know the drill. The comedians set up a scenario, the audience yells out suggestions, and glorious comedic mayhem ensues. Bad Dog has been doing its thing for more than 30 years now, but they just moved to a brand new space in August, so now’s the perfect time to revisit the act.

Located in the heart of Bloorcourt, the entrance to the second-floor venue is easy to miss. But once you ascend the narrow staircase, you’ll be greeted by a minimalist bar and friendly staff, who will efficiently get you your beers so you can nab the best seats and have some pre-show chitchat.

Wrapped in barn-like exposed wood, the performance space is unique in the city, with movie-theatre-style seats curving through the room on multiple levels, creating a mini-amphitheatre. You and your date can retreat to the almost-private back row on the left side of the stage or, if you’re feeling bold, sit in the front row so the performers will hear your suggestions first and loudest.

The style and tone of the night’s show will vary depending on when you go, so check the Bad Dog website to peruse your options before you set your date. But whether you choose a show that recreates a soap opera or scenes based on actual Craigslist missed connections, you’ll leave with a better sense of what makes your date laugh. And hey, if things go well, you two might even start to make Bad Dog shows a regular thing. Then you’ll have to ask yourselves: is our relationship strong enough to handle open mic night?

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Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

875 Bloor Street West Toronto ON M6G 1M4

(416) 491-3115

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