Toronto’s Top Three Steakhouses


A lot of restaurants serve beef, but you want a proper steak at a truly memorable steakhouse. Which is the best steakhouse in Toronto? We’ve narrowed the list to three spectacular spots, each with its own specialized cuts and an ambiance that perfectly suits your next group outing. Visit all three with your friends over the next few months and decide for yourselves which is the best. One thing’s for sure: nobody’s going hungry.

Jacobs & Co.

Jacobs & Co. is a gem in the heart of Toronto that specializes in dry-aged beef. To prove its steaks are properly aged, you can watch the (very slow) process in real time, if you wish — a glass case displays some choice cuts right by the entryway. Some will stay in there for 125 days, while their temperature and moisture levels are closely monitored to produce the tastiest, most tender bites. When you order your meal, you can select the cut, the type of beef, and the age. Your server will be happy to describe the differences, although no matter which steak you pick, make sure you order some decadent duck fat fries on the side. With its classy downstairs piano bar and dark, contemporary decor, you and your gang will want to dress to the nines when you show up here.

Barberians on Elm Street

With 50 years under its belt, Barberians is one of the most famous steakhouses in Toronto. It looks untouched by time, too, with red carpeting, rustic wood paneling, wine displays, and walls bedecked in black-and-white photographs and newspaper clippings. But the real tradition here is in the spices. From the first bite of your succulent rib steak, the sharp seasoning is instantly recognizable, and you won’t be able to get enough of it. Harry Barberian’s oft-imitated steak spice accounts for a lot of this place’s success. Luckily, you can buy some and try it at home.

Michael’s on Simcoe

Michael’s on Simcoe breaks from the Toronto steakhouse norm, going for softer styling and more expansive offerings. An ultra-modern interior design sets the stage for the contemporary-Italian menu, with insalata, elegant pasta dishes, and a huge steak selection. Start with the gooey burrata appetizer, and then move on to the classic Bolognese, which features thick fettuccine smothered in a zesty three-meat sauce. Or eat local and sink your teeth into the 16-ounce Wellington County strip loin and some chewy, savory mushrooms. With so many options, you’d better plan a return trip.

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Jacobs & Co.

12 Brant Street Toronto ON M5V 2M1

(416) 366-0200

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