Any Time Is Sushi Time


Toronto has plenty of options for Japanese cuisine, but when you and your friends are struck with a craving for sushi as you wander the trendy Queen Street West neighbourhood, Sushi Time stands out from the rest.

Stroll from the vintage clothing shops into this sleek haven of Asian eats. Its buzzing popularity among lunch- and dinner-time crowds can only mean one thing: fresh, quality Japanese fare.

Under the soft light, you’ll notice of the restaurant’s understated style, a nod to classic Japanese design with clean lines and the earth tones. But Sushi Time is far from formal — your laid-back group will fit right in with the relaxed atmosphere of casual diners.

The window tables are prime real estate for people-watching, but consider making your way to the back to take a load off at one of the coveted, comfortable booths.

Now that you’re settled, why not honour custom by ordering a round of traditional drinks? Whet your appetite with a complimentary glass of saki, and then examine the dizzying array of menu options.

For starters, there’s an impeccably dressed salad of buttery smooth avocado, or there’s the salty crunch of the edamame. And don’t pass on the gyoza. These succulent, deep-fried pillows of tender beef taste just as amazing as they smell.

While the food is based in Asia, Sushi Time makes sure to incorporate some local flavor. The CN Tower roll pays tribute to Toronto’s most iconic structure with a generously sized bundle of rice packed with salmon, tobiko, and cucumber. There’s also the hockey sushi meal. This ode to Canada’s national pastime presents a colourful combo of a salmon hand roll and maki with tuna, salmon, and cucumber.

For those with a more substantial appetite, the popular bento boxes are sure to satisfy. Each box is an irresistible medley of shapes and textures, from shrimp tempura fried to a perfect crisp to tender slices of juicy teriyaki chicken.

And why should your veggie-loving friends feel left out? For them, Sushi Time prepares dishes like the delicate agetofu appetizer and a seperate bento box full of vegetarian delights.

One course sure to please all comers is dessert. End your meal on a cool note with bowls of gorgeous, jade-hued green tea ice cream. As you devour each rich spoonful, you can plot the next move on your Toronto adventure.

Sushi Time

325 Queen Street West Toronto ON M5V

(416) 977-2222

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