Reposado Bar & Lounge: A Restful Evening Out


Looking for something different to do on your next night out with friends in Toronto? Steer the crew to Reposado, where you’ll learn everything you need to know about tequila, that much-maligned and misunderstood agave-based spirit from Mexico. Here’s what you need to understand so you can sound well-informed in front of your friends: Broadly speaking, there are three types of tequila, with the main point of difference being how long they’re aged. A clear, unaged tequila is known as a blanco, or white. Then comes reposado, or rested, tequila, which means it has spent between two months and one year “resting” in an oak barrel–just enough to give it a golden color. Finally come the añejo tequilas, which have spent at least a year in barrels. These are the ones with the smokey flavors and dark color that make them almost resemble a Scotch whisky.

Reposado offers all three types of tequila, but finds a sweet spot with its well-rested namesake, whose characteristics match the type of evening you’re likely to have: equal parts lively and relaxing, as a good outing with friends should be. Reposado is known for its tequila tasters, or flights, which serve up the blue agave-based spirit in every stage of its maturity. The flights come with robust sangrita, or spicy tomato juice, to serve as chasers, but with high-quality spirits like these, you’ll find you hardly need them. Order one and raise a hearty toast to new experiences with old friends.

Still, plenty of your friends will associate tequila with margaritas, and there’s no need for them to do without, since the spectacular spirits and mixers here result in cocktails that are a lot more refined than the ones you might remember coming in plastic cups at that beach bar last summer. The cuisine is refined too, with Latin-inspired tapas to share between stories, laughs, and sips. As the evening goes on, the room fills with Latin-inspired jazz that keeps the groove and conversation going. By the end of it, you’ll have an entirely new appreciation for tequila, and you promise to return soon to continue your education.

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Reposado Bar & Lounge

136 Ossington Avenue Toronto ON M6J 2Z5

(416) 532-6474

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