If you’re simply searching for the most traditional Asian food in Toronto, you should probably give Momofuku Noodle Bar a miss. The dishes at this buzzed-about restaurant are unique, inspiring, and delicious, but they’re far from traditional. If you’re ready to taste ramen unlike any you’ve had before, however, this University Avenue noodle shop is a can’t-miss spot for your next outing with friends. Under the leadership of celebrity chef David Chang, Momofuku is at the forefront of nothing less than a ramen revolution, infusing its expertly-textured noodles with the flavors of Japan, Korea, China, and the western world in one bowl to create a truly unique taste. It’s enough to turn a night out with friends into a culinary adventure, as you all catch up and expand your noodle knowledge together. So drop by and order some of Chang’s most unique versions of the Asian staple. The cavatelli noodles, for example, come with broccoli, miso-cured cream cheese, truffle, and bacon, while the dan dan mein noodles use spicy pork from Ontario’s respected Kunan Farm. But whatever its provenance, the food here is simply amazing, and you and your friends will find yourselves slurping up every last noodle and drop of soup. As for the slurping, don’t worry about it. In Japan, and at Momofuku, it’s considered a compliment. Clearly, the noodles are the stars here, but don’t let that stop you from ordering the rich pork buns—which come complete with hoisin, scallions, and cucumber—or the tangy roasted rice cakes, which get an extra kick from red chili. The space is at once modern and cozy, with communal tables and a long bar dominating the room and giving diners front-row seats to the frenzied noodle-making show going on in the kitchen.

Momofuku Noodle Bar

Toronto ON M5H 0A3

(647) 253-8000

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