Lavish & Squalor: Embrace Your Style


Your style should be as unique as you are. It’s an outer expression of your inner cool, and a way to say what you’re all about without ever speaking a word. You’ll never find your signature look in a chain store, so head to the fiercely independent Lavish & Squalor on Queen Street West, where every item is one-of-a-kind. Since your friends know you almost as well as you know yourself, bring them along for a group shopping adventure. That way, you can split up and strategically comb the racks of trendy and vintage dresses, skirts, shirts, and accessories for that one perfect outfit. Lavish & Squalor occupies a building that was originally built as a garment factory over a century ago, and its classic charm lends it a relaxed and humble feel today, making shopping here a pleasure. Another thing that makes shopping here a pleasure: the City Bar espresso shop upstairs, just the spot to take a shopping break and find some inspiration in an expertly-crafted cappuccino.

Lavish & Squalor

253 Queen St W Toronto ON M5V 1Z4

(416) 599-4779

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