Grand Prix Kartways: Feel the Need for Speed


Whether you and your friends are speed demons searching for your next adrenaline rush or just want to engage in some friendly competition, Grand Prix Kartways has the thrills you’re looking for. This massive, 47,000-square-foot indoor go-kart track is the perfect place for a high-energy outing with friends, offering you a chance to try something exciting and new with people you’ve known for years.

Even if you consider yourself an experienced racer, this F1-style track is nothing to sneeze at. Choose your challenger carefully before strapping on a helmet, climbing into a state-of-the-art all-electric kart (no fumes), and taking one deep, anticipatory breath before you slam your foot against the “gas” pedal and rocket forward. Grip the steering wheel with both hands and navigate the curves, straightaways, and hairpin turns as you hear the tires screech against the track below. Grit your teeth and ready yourself for the “catapult,” a sharp corner that slingshots you onto the longest section of the track. It’s the highest-G indoor turn in Canada, and if you exit it just right, you can hit your personal speed record before mashing on the brakes for the next exciting turn.

All the while your friend is trying to pass you, so keep the pedal to the metal as you whiz past grass infields, street signs, lampposts, and fountains. You’re neck and neck until the last second, when a final burst of adrenaline and torque propels you past the finish line for the checkered flag. When you finally climb out of your cars, grinning from ear to ear, celebrate your victory with high-fives as your friend playfully demands a rematch.

When you’re done racing for the day, relax with food and coffee at the track-side Pit Zone Cafe, or watch the action in style at the VIP Lounge. (You might even catch a few resident experts showing everyone how it’s done.) If you need a break from the sound of zipping cars and trash-talking drivers, play a few games at the facility’s Kinected Interactive Centre arcade, or peruse the selection of models, toys, and DVDs at the Mini Grid, a motorsports-themed retail center. The facility even houses Canada’s largest slot car selection, with a six-lane slot car race track for those who still feel the need for speed. But however you end your day of racing, you’ll all have plenty of great photos, stories, and plans to return soon.

Photograph by Paul Chaloner

Grand Prix Kartways

75 Carl Hall Rd Toronto ON M3K 2B9

(416) 638-5278

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