In a world where price tags on board games can run north of $50, wouldn’t it be fun to have a space where you can pay a flat rate to play an unlimited number of games for a day? Well, now you can stay and play all day at Snakes & Lattes, Toronto’s original board game cafe. This combination coffee shop, restaurant, and bar boasts the largest public collection of board games in North America, offering the use of more than 2,500 games for just five bucks. So gather your most competitive friends and head on over to this Palmerston play pavilion, where you can feel the thrill of victory—and the agony of defeat—while having an absolute blast. Show up during the day for one of the café’s signature Nutella lattes and an intellectual round of Cranium, sure to provide a few entertaining moments of head scratching and staring into space as players mull over such questions as what country invented the fortune cookie, or struggle to name the first words of someone’s Miranda rights. Or drop by in the evening for some beers and smack-talk your way through a Settlers of Catan marathon, as you race to create the first self-sufficient community in your own little universe. Snakes & Lattes is also the sole Canadian retailer of Cards Against Humanity, and the café has a copy of the “party game for horrible people” stocked on its shelves for friends with an edgy sense of humor and nothing to hide. No matter what happens on the board, you’ll all go home smiling after such a fantastic day, though the winners will probably leave with a little more pride and glory.

Snakes & Lattes

600 Bloor Street West, Toronto, ON M6G 1K4 ON

(647) 342-9229

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