Earls Kitchen & Bar: Bend an Elbow at Hockey Central


Take Canada’s national sport, your best buds, and a cool, modern setting and you have a night out at Earls Kitchen & Bar. When the work day is over, this welcoming spot in the heart of Toronto’s financial district becomes a sports-fueled social hub for the well-dressed professionals from the neighborhood’s office towers, who happily loosen their ties and relax as they enjoy craft beers and upscale bar food in a blissfully laid-back setting.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of an evening at Earls, round up your friends and drop by for a beer and a bite at one of the city’s more elevated sports pubs. With a bold design of glossy wood, steel, and stone under a canopy of Edison bulbs, Earls is stylish without being stuffy. Start off with a pitcher of Rhino–a delicious pale ale exclusive to Earls–and make a toast to surviving another day. Then take a look at the menu, with its wide range of expertly-grilled meats, Asian wok dishes, and above all, juicy burgers. It’s impressive, but perhaps even more impressive are all the TV screens — 10 of them, of various sizes, that give everyone a great view of the game.

As for that game, you and your mates may all be different, but your passion for hockey is unifying. The moment the puck hits the ice, your eyes instantly turn to the action on the screens. It takes a lot to distract you from the game, so when your bacon cheddar burger shows up and actually captures your attention, you know you’ve got something special on your hands. Made with dry-cured bacon, vine-ripened tomato, and a “hand-smashed patty,” it’s one of the finest in the city. Everybody else fares well, too: Your buddy’s halibut and chips are clearly fried to perfection, and the smell of lemongrass from your other pal’s Thai vegetable bowl is drawing intrigued glances from the next table over.

Next thing you know, the game hits a thrilling high when your team suddenly shoots the puck into the net and the crowd roars with jubilation. The excitement is infectious, and you and your pals celebrate with neighboring tables with fist bumps and high-fives. After the cheers die down, you settle back and steel yourselves for a nail-biting third period. No matter what happens on the ice, though, at least you’ll have had a great meal — and discovered a new favorite spot to watch the game.

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Earls Kitchen & Bar

150 King St W Toronto ON M5H 3T9

(416) 916-0227

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